Transformers: KissKiss! is an informational site for the Transformers: KissPlay series of Japanese robot action figures and humanoid figurines, as well as the accompanying radio drama series and the manga story serialized in Dengeki Daioh Magazine.

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December 30th: Character section added and updated with KissPlay Position and extended Marissa bios.
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May God have mercy on us all.

Transformers: KissPlay is a multimedia Transformers story that is told through dramatic radio plays on a weekly radio programme, a three-issue manga series, and various materials released with the toys and figurines.

It takes place in Japanese G1 continuity, beginning in the year 2006 -- one year after the Transformers movie, and four years before the events of Transformers 2010 (the Japanese version of the third season of the original Transformers animated series).
The first KissPlay storyline was concluded in the CD drama included with Autrooper X Atari. It follows the struggles between humanity and Transformers in the wake of a terrible event that shattered human-Autobot relations, as well as the personal struggles of three young women who must come to terms with their tragic pasts and their mysterious powers.
And their unfortunate tendency to end up naked and covered in goo.

The second KissPlay storyline, which accompanies the "KissPlay Position" e-Hobby exclusive set of toys, involves three new Transformers characters and their epic quest to become a singing group on Earth. These characters were designed and voiced by the three voice actresses from the first KissPlay storyline.

This site is organized into the following sections:
The Toy section covers the contents of the written material included in the toy packaging as well as the toys themselves.
The Characters section includes translated bios for new characters introduced in the KissPlay universe.
The Audio Drama section covers the contents of the radio drama episodes as well as any special episodes included with the toys.
The Manga section provides synopses and select scans of the manga series.
The Fan Art section showcases art inspired by Transformers: KissPlay.
The FAQ section will hopefully answer any questions you may have about Transformers: KissPlay, or this site.

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