The Transformers: KissPlay manga series premiered in the October 2006 issue of Dengeki Daioh magazine (released on August 21 2006) and ended in the December 2006 issue (released November 21 2006). Dengeki Daioh is published monthly, and is released on the 21st of each month. The other manga series included in this manga magazine are often based on anime and video games, ranging from science fiction to relationship simulation games.

The Transformers: KissPlay manga is written and illustrated by Yuki Oshima, who does both character design and figure sculpting for the Transformers: KissPlay toyline. He has also written and illustrated the "Teletran IchiGo Go! Go!" mini-comics serialized in Dengeki Hobby magazine.

Previous to its debut, there were advertisements for the KissPlay manga in Dengeki Hobby and Dengeki Daioh magazine, as well as the free talk segments of the radio show.

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The KissPlay manga is not work-safe.

It involves violence, nudity, and assault vehicles.
It is not family-friendly. It is not for children.
It may make you doubt your faith in humanity.
The scanned frames and images are provided so that you might share in our bogglement.

KissPlay Manga Episodes:
KissPlay Manga Issue 1 (August 21 2006)
KissPlay Manga Issue 2 (September 21 2006)

The Characters of the KissPlay Manga:
Atari Hitotonari

Atari is a school girl who suffers from suicidal despair due to the trauma of her parents' recent death.
Transliterated, her first name means "Struck Pear" and her last name means "person next door".

Li Syao Syao

Syao Syao, nicknamed "Syao" by her compatriots, is an elite KissPlayer in the Ne (Mouse) troop of the EDC Tokyo Autrooper Team.
Transliterated, her first name means "Fried Octopus", a reference to the Japanese delicacy of fried octopus balls.

Commander Amaou

Amaou is the commander of the EDC Tokyo Autrooper Team. She is visually reminiscent of a person from the Heian era, from her "princess-cut" hairstyle to her kimono, which she wears off the shoulders. She carries a traditional Japanese parasol, and speaks with a strong Kansai-region accent (possibly Kyoto).
Translitereated, her last name means "Sweet Cherry Blossoms".


Ringo is a young girl in the Ne troop of the EDC Tokyo Autrooper Team. She calls herself "Ringo-chan" and asks others to call her "Princess Ringo." She may have a crush on Syao Syao, as she refers to her as "Xiao-sama", a term of great respect and affection.
Transliterated, her first name means "Apple".

Marissa Faireborn

Marissa is a mysterious young American woman working with the Resistance.

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