The Transformers: KissPlay radio play series began broadcast on April 3rd, 2006, as a segment on the radio show "Lyrian Moecchao" (roughly translated, "Let's be Passionate with Lyrian"). The radio show is hosted by Lyrian, a moe-type "idol" or entertainment personality, and has been on air every Monday from 1 AM to 1:30 AM since October 3rd, 2005. The KissPlay segment of the show consists of a brief radio play, followed by a Free Talk segment in which the voice actress discuss various topics related to kissing, or the Transformers: KissPlay manga or toys.

The KissPlay radio plays are collected on the drama CDs that are included with the KissPlay toys. Unfortunately, these CDs do not include the Free Talk segments or the introduction segments.

Radio Play Episodes 1 through 5 are included with Convoy X Melissa (Convoy Meets Marissa), along with a bonus 10 minute play called "Someday, Under the Sun".

Radio Play Episodes 6 through 10 are included with KissPlay Figure Collection Atari X Autorooper (Atari Meets Autrooper), along with a bonus play called "Atari-chan's Close Call!?"

Radio Play Episodes 11 through 20 are included with HotRodimus X Syao Syao (Hot Rodimus Meets Syao Syao), along with a bonus 10 minute play called "A Big catch Tonight?!"

Radio Play Episodes 21 through 30 are included with Autorooper X Atari (Autrooper Meets Atari), along with a bonus play called "You, and I, and the spinning Earth".

Radio Play Episodes 31 through 37 are included with Kissplayers Sparkbotx3, along with the Japanese G1 transformers theme (solo versions by each of the voice actresses).

The packaging for the KissPlay Sparkbots Three-Pack includes a time-line for Kissplay series 1. The following KissPlay timeline lists the events in the KissPlay manga, radio play, and CD plays in chronological order. [Editor's note: Every instance of the word "date" in the timeline below is taken verbatim from the original Japanese.]

- The events of Transformers: The Movie take place. The Unicron War begins, then ends as Rodimus Convoy hurls Galvatron out of Unicron's head.
- Galvatron crashes on Earth (Tokyo specifically), reducing Tokyo to a sea of fire. Hitoshizuku Amaou's daughter, Shizuku, is killed in the calamity.
- Rodimus Convoy (Rodimus Prime), horrified at the results of his actions, returns the Matrix to Ultra Magnus and becomes Hot Rodimus (Hot Rod) once more.
- The Anti-Transformers movement heats up. The EDC Tokyo Division begins creating man-made Transformers called Autroopers, and commences attacking Transformers.
- Li Syao Syao, who has a vendetta against Convoy (Optimus Prime), joins the EDC.
- An Anti-Electron field is put up on Earth to prevent Transformers from functioning. The remaining Transformers flee Earth.

- Earth is completely free of Transformers. Rebuilding of Tokyo begins.
- The EDC Tokyo Division begins training Kissplayers.
- A resistance movement begins acting against the EDC.
- Legion units are formed from fragments of Galvatron's cells that were scattered through the atmosphere.
- To combat Legion, EDC forms the Autrooper squads.
- Atari Hitotonari's parents are killed.
- The events of Dengeki Daiou Manga 1 take place. Atari Hitotonari is attacked by Legion. She fuses with Autrooper and destroys the Legion unit.
- Atari joins the EDC Tokyo Autrooper squad.
- Chapter 3 (Originally broadcast April 17 2006): Atari worries about getting car-sick.
- Chapter 6 (Originally broadcast May 8 2006): Atari is embarassed by the kiss fusion.
- Chapter 15: Atari admires her senior squad members in the EDC.
- Chapter 12: Atari gets car-sick while on patrol. Legion attacks.
- Chapter 24: Atari feels a sort of humanity within Autrooper.
- Atari's Close Call?! (from Atari Meets Autrooper, released September 28 2006): Atari swallows a Legion unit. Autrooper becomes super-small, goes inside Atari to defeat Legion.
- Chapter 21: Atari talks about Autrooper. Autrooper shrinks again.
- Dengeki Hobby Column "15 GO! GO! Starscream's Chapter": The ghost of Starscream possesses Teletraan 15 (pronounced Ichigo), a humanoid computer that serves as a mobile version of Teletraan-1. He heads to Earth, seeking Atari.
- Dengeki Hobby Column "15 GO! GO! AtariScream's Chapter": Starscream's Ghost possesses Atari, becoming the nefarious AtariScream.
- Dengeki Hobby Column "15 GO! GO! Cassetron Set's Chapter": Ultra Magnus assigns Rosanna, Sundor, and Glit to Satellite Nana, where 15 and the other mobile Teletraan units are located.
- Chapter 27: AtariScream succeeds in obtaining a new body (Masterpiece Starscream), but is destroyed by Autrooper.
- The events of Dengeki Daiou Manga 2 take place. Convoy's body is transported from America to Tokyo. Marissa fuses with Convoy, restoring him to life and giving him a new body. Meanwhile, Syao Syao finds herself in the EDC Tokyo Headquarters basement, about to become the latest victim of human experimentation. (The beginning of Manga Issue 3 takes place shortly thereafter. Subsequent to Syao Syao's fusion with Rodimus and their escape, both Syao Syao and Rodimus become hunted by the EDC.)
- Chapter 1 (Originally broadcast April 3 2006): Marissa brags about her new boyfriend, Convoy.
- Chapter 2 (Originally broadcast April 10 2006): Syao Syao starts to trust Rodimus.
- Chapter 30: Atari gets car-sick from teammate Ringo Chikuma's driving. She begins to feel all alone.
- Chapter 4 (Originally broadcast April 24 2006): Convoy worries about Marissa.
- Chapter 5 (Originally broadcast May 1 2006): Syao Syao begins to enjoy Rodimus' company and attentions.
- Chapter 7 (Originally broadcast May 15 2006): Marissa talks about surfing and Convoy.
- Chapter 8 (Originally broadcast May 22 2006): Syao Syao makes Rodimus kneel before her for some "private lessons".
- Chapter 10 (Originally broadcast June 5 2006): Marissa is angry that Convoy transformed her beloved surfboard into a sword.
- Chapter 11: Syao Syao teaches Rodimus martial arts. Rodimus uses his tonfa.
- Chapter 16: Marissa is godmother to the Surfblade and the Convoy Gun.
- Chapter 18: Atari worries about Syao Syao.
- Chapter 19: Marissa talks about washing Convoy.
- Someday, Under the Sun (from Convoy Meets Marissa, released August 10 2006): Convoy and Marissa go on a seaside date at night. They battle a Legion unit that has fused with an octopus, among other things.
- Chapter 13: Marissa meets Atari.
- Chapter 9 (Originally broadcast May 29 2006): Atari is rescued by Marissa repeatedly.
- The events of Dengeki Daiou Manga 3 take place. Convoy leads a large number of Legion units to EDC headquarters. Rodimus believes Convoy to be an imposter. Atari makes friends with Kayu Michikusa.
[Editor's note: Given that the final attack on EDC Headquarters doesn't happen until some time later, it must be assumed that Atari was somehow successful in turning back Convoy and his army of Legion.]
- Chapter 14: Syao Syao is enraged by Convoy's square jaw.
- Chapter 17: Syao Syao talks about Rodimus and his fishing skills.
- Chapter 20: Syao Syao talks about Rodimus's Exhaust Rod.
- "A Big Catch Tonight?!" (from Hot Rodimus Meets Syao Syao, released October 2006): Rodimus and Syao Syao go on a date at the newly rebuilt Tokyo Bay Bridge, where they battle a large number of Legion units.
- Chapter 28: Marissa loses her underwear.
- Chapeter 29: Syao Syao comes into possession of Marissa's underwear.
- Chapter 22: Marissa looks back on her summer.
- Chapter 23: Syao Syao reminisces about her past.
- Chapter 25: Marissa ruminates about Convoy's past.
- Chapter 26: Syao Syao reflects on Rodimus's past.
- Chapter 31: Marissa talks about Convoy having a nightmare, and being plagued by destructive compulsions.
- Chapter 32: Syao Syao sees the ghost of a young girl with black hair riding on the shoulder of a Legion unit.
- Chapter 33: Atari is ignored by Kayu, and breaks a promise with her out of spite.
- Chapter 34: Marissa goes on her last date with Convoy.
- Chapter 35: Syao Syao whispers lies to Rodimus as he struggles with nightmares.
- Chapter 36: Atari can only look on as Kayu goes berzerk and is shot by Ringo. Atari's resulting rampage results in Ringo being injured.
- Chapter 37: The three girls join forces. Marissa and Convoy attack the EDC. They do battle with Syao Syao and Rodimus, then resolve their differences. They meet up with Atari.
- Chapter 38: [not included in any CDs] Rosanna, Sundor, and Glit join to become the musical group "Cassette Players".
- Dengeki Hobby Column "15 GO! GO! The Mysterious Comets' Chapter": Three mysterious shooting stars head to Earth.
- ""You, and I, and the spinning Earth" (from Autrooper Meets Atari, released December 2006): The three girls join forces and head for the final battle ground: the Genital system in the basement of the EDC Headquarters. They destroy the Anti-electron field. Rodimus returns to his original form, and Convoy returns to his eternal slumber. The Autroopers and Legion units fuse with Galvatron, who is briefly revived. Galvatron is then hurled to the planet Thrall.

- KissPlay Cassetron Set: Transformers return to Earth. The Cassetrons, Ultra Magnus, and others make peace with humanity. The EDC is rebuilt, and Marissa and Syao Syao enlist. Along with Atari and the Cassetrons, they go on a worldwide goodwill tour as singing idols.
- This leads into the events of KissPlay Season 2...

[Editor's note: G1 Season 3 aired in Japan under the title "Transformers 2010"] - Ultra Magnus entrusts the Matrix to Rodimus Convoy, who becomes the new commander of the Cybertrons (Autobots).

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