TakaraTomy's Transformers: KissPlay toys consist of a Transformer robot/vehicle toy accompanied by a figurine of its KissPlayer partner. The figurines of the young girls are designed and sculpted by Yuki Oshima (Oshima Yuki in the Japanese format), the manga artist who writes and illustrates the Transformers: KissPlay manga. Mr. Oshima has also worked on various figurines for K-T Figure Collection, Takara's collaboration with Kaiyodo.

The toys come in two different scales. The main toyline features redecoed and occasionally retooled versions of Hasbro's Alternators, while the Oshima Yuki Figure Collection line features entirely new Gokushou Henkei TF (literally, "Super-Small Transforming Transformers", popularly referred to as "Smallest Transformers").
The main toyline releases the toys as "[Transformer name] X [Girl's first name]", whereas the Figure Collection series has the toys as "[Girl's first name] X [Transformer name]". It may be surmised that whoever takes up the largest volume in the package gets first billing.

The Transformers: KissPlay main toyline is labelled "for 15 years and up", indicating that it is a collector-oriented item rather than a child's toy.

KissPlay Toy Reviews
Convoy X Melissa (Convoy Meets Marissa), released August 10 2006

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