Friday, February 16th, 2007...1:51 pm

Toy Fair 2007: Sing and Dance Pinkie Pie video

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Okay, one last post for the day:

I can only convey the wonder and magic of Sing and Dance Pinkie Pie in so many words. So… here’s a video! Watch Pinkie Pie sing, shake her tutu, and twirl her tail!

I’m not very experienced with streaming video, but this should hopefully work. These are both RealMedia files, approximately 25 seconds long. It’s the same footage, just packaged differently; a convenient 110KB dial-up version, and a “my god, what was I thinking?!” 1 MB version. (It was originally 9 MB, but I thought that was a little TOO crazy.)

Click here for the dial-up version [110KB]
Click here for the cable version [1 MB: only recommended for cable internet users]

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