About ToyVey

What is ToyVey?
ToyVey! is a website by toy fans, for toy fans. Please note the word “fan” and, for that matter, the word “toy”.

At ToyVey, we define “fan” as an afficionado; someone who enjoys a certain hobby. In this case, the hobby is “toys”. Collecting toys, playing with toys, admiring the engineering or marketing of toys, complaining about toys. All of these are part and parcel of being a “toy fan”.

While children are and always will be the biggest lovers of toys, there are a growing number of people with disposable income who enjoy action figures and collectible dolls. This site is for the grown-ups.

Who runs ToyVey?
ToyVey! is run by a couple of toy fans. Although we attend some industry events such as the American International Toy Fair, we are not glamorous toy-industry insiders. Our news and reviews are limited to what we have, and what we know.

What can I expect from ToyVey?
Expect reviews, rambles, rants, complaints, and way too many photos showing off articulation. Expect kvetching, kvelling, and lots of unprofessional exclamations like “Oy!” and “Squee!”

What shouldn’t I expect from ToyVey?
Don’t expect useful resources for parents who want to find out the best toys to get for their children. These are the observations of cynical adults with a quirky sense of humor.

We can’t tell you whether toy X is better for your child than toy Y. We don’t have degrees in child psychology; we have opinions. More to the point, we’re not here to provide Consumer Reports for children. We’re here to communicate our love of toys to other toy lovers.

We can’t tell you what’s cool and trendy, or what’s going to be appreciated the most. We can only tell you what we like, and why we like it. Your mileage may vary.