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Happy Robot Toy Day!

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What does June 2nd mean to you?

For some, it was the same as any other Saturday… the beginning of a weekend, with the promise of fun in the sun, fireworks at night, and many other early summer pleasures.

For Transformers fans, it was the street date for the toys and associated products for the upcoming Transformers live action movie, aka Shiny New Robot Toy Day.

Here at ToyVey, we joined our Transfan brethren in setting up a detailed plan of attack.

8 AM sharp, be at the local Target store for the opening of the doors!
Make sure to get the Target Exclusive Transformers Stratego game, as well as the Target Exclusive Robo-Vision Prime action figure!
Don’t forget to get one of their Transforming gift cards!

10 AM, be sure to swing by Radio Shack to pick up their exclusive Transformers ZipZaps remote control cars!

We ran into a few fellow collectors and swapped tales of the hunt. “The Wal-Mart in the next town over has had the whole movie assortment out since last week!” “I hear there’s going to be a sale on some of these tomorrow…” “I already got the Movie Preview toys and all the Deluxes at a different store.”

The toy-hunt intensified with the late-breaking news that some of the Optimus Prime Voice Changer helmets (“with real movie voices!”) had the voice of Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime’s voice-actor in the original series and the live-action movie), whereas others had a voice that sounded like Gary Chalk (Optimus Primal from Transformers: Beast Wars, as well as the more recent Transformers cartoons).

We ended up getting the Gary Chalk variant, and will be keeping our eyes and ears peeled for the Peter Cullen version. We apologize in advance to Target and Wal-Mart customers for the endless cries of “I… Am… Optimus Prime!” that will echo through stores as we mash buttons in an attempt to figure out whether the helmets sound sufficiently like Peter Cullen.

Our July 2nd robot toy haul

In the meantime… we have some serious toy opening to do!

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