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Novi Stars

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Novi Stars Alie Lectric
Manufacturer: MGA Entertainment
MSRP: $19.99 at Target
Availability: Mass retail, now


MGA Entertainment’s latest line of dolls pairs an outerspace theme with a variety of play features. It’s nostalgic on several levels for me; many toys in the 80s had gimmicks such as scented hair, glow-in-the-dark clothing, or even metallic body parts. The fantasy hair colors and skintones are appealing, too.

Alie Lectric was my top pick. Her special feature is that her body lights up. When you attach her backpack and hold down the button, her internal lights shift in color. The downside is that her torso and legs are one solid pre-posed unit, to allow the light to travel through her. It’s a fantastic effect, though!


There’s a detailed biography of each doll on the back of the packaging, complete with likes and dislikes, quirks and abilities, and some factoids guaranteed to irritate the scientifically-inclined. The handle can be removed and used as a hair accessory.


It’s been a while since I’ve looked closely at fashion dolls, so I’m not sure if this text is unique to the Novi Stars. The packaging explicitly warns against the use of hair dryers and other heatsources on the doll’s hair or headpiece. Since many doll customizers and doll artists use some form of heat to style doll hair, it’s an important disclaimer.


Alie Lectric comes with one basic outfit, high-heeled shoes, a glow-in-the-dark stand, a backpack, a bracelet, and a pet.


As someone who collects a lot of dolls and toys, I’ve gotten used to tripping over various stands and hair brushes. I was surprised to find that Alie Lectric does not come with any brushes or combs, despite having rooted hair!

I was also surprised to find a paragraph in the instructions noting that the stands are not interchangeable between the various dolls. Indeed, Alie’s stand has little indentations specifically molded for her high-heeled shoes… which means, unfortunately, that she can’t use her stand while barefoot. Since NoviStars dolls lack any leg articulation that would help them balance, it becomes a bit of a challenge to stand them up.


Alie has inset acrylic eyes with glittery iris and hearts in the pupils. She has glittery upper lashes and no nose. She does have a sort of bump where her mouth print is, but no actual lip-mold. Her metallic antennae are wiggly but sufficiently secure that attempted removal could result in breakage. Her ears are pointed and lack piercings. Her arms are hinged and are removable for ease of dressing (which functionally gives them 360 range of motion).

EDIT: I’m told that some of the other Novi Stars dolls, such as Ari Roma and Mae Tallic, have waist articulation in addition to the head and arms.


She has a little indentation on her back where her backpack/light source can be inserted.


Her backpack light is nice and bright!

I picked up a separately-sold fashion for Alie while I was at the store.


It was pointed out to me that this outfit (Winter Gear) was modelled on Ari Roma, and that Alie was depicted wearing the Galactic Gown outfit. I laughed and noted that the packaging says that the fashions fit any Novi Stars doll!


Two problems faced me.


Problem 1: How do I get plastic earmuffs on a doll with pointed ears angled outwards?
Problem 2: How can I get her to stand up, when the boots that come with the Winter Gear outfit won’t fit in her doll stand?


While the unique stands were an interesting idea, I do wish that MGA Entertainment had either made the stands compatible with all forms of footwear, or standardized all of the shoes.

Also, I don’t know if this is because the Winter Gear outfit is a coat, or if this is true of the other outfits as well… but the Winter Gear outfit did not have a space in the back to accomodate Alie’s backpack plug. I’m curious as to whether the Galactic Gown has a cut-out space in the back, or if Alie’s default dress is the only one that lets her remain clothed while using her gimmick.

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