The first release in the Transformers: KissPlay line of toys is "Convoy x Melissa (Convoy Meets Marissa)", featuring Convoy (Optimus Prime in English) as a Dodge Ram SRT-10. He is accompanied by a figurine of Marissa Faireborn, a CD, a collector card, and a booklet that includes supplemental information as well as transformation instructions.

The character Marissa Faireborn first appeared in the third season of the Transformers animated series. This series was released in Japan as "Transformers: 2010", and Marissa was renamed "Melissa". Other than the name change , she remained the same character. It is safe to assume that the "Melissa" that comes with Convoy is intended to be Marissa Faireborn.

Note 2:
The same Dodge Ram SRT-10 mold was released in the US as Optimus Prime, in the Transformers: Alternators line of toys. The KissPlay version has different paint applications, but both toys are made of plastic.

From the booklet:
20 years ago, the Super Robot Lifeform Transformers suddenly appeared on Earth. Have you met them?

These beings that came from space have giant mechanical bodies, but just like humans, they think, they angst, they hate and they fall in love.

In 2005, due to the Unicron War that took place between these Transformers, the commander of the Cybertron army, "Convoy," lost his life to his opponent, the Emperor of Destruction of the Destron Army, "Megatron."

The grievously wounded "Megatron" gained the cells of the sentient planet "Stellar Emperor Unicron." He regenerated into a new form, "Galvatron." But the young second-generation leader "Rodimus Convoy," who had taken up the mantle of "Convoy," who had died in battle, sent "Unicron" and "Galvatron" to their grave in space.

Meanwhile, due to a certain incident that had happened on Earth, humanity began to view Transformers as the enemy. An anti-Transformer organization, "E.D.C." (Earth Defense Army) was formed and swept all Transformers off the face of the Earth. Humanity and Transformers finally gave up on coexistence.

Then, 2006. Earth, which should have become peaceful, reels from the sudden appearance of the strange Transformer army, "Legion." In order to deal with them, the E.D.C. creates artificial Transformers, the Autrooper team. These Transformers are given exponential power when they are kissed by young girls with a special ability, known as "Kiss-Players." The flames of battle between humanity and Transformers rise up once more, and in this battlefield, a red warrior, "Convoy," stands up with a new vessel for his soul. Is he an enemy of humanity, or an ally?

The box prominently features Marissa in her trademark white swimsuit and hot pink surfboard. The front flap opens to reveal a window into the box, while the inside of the flap gives us a detailed profile of Marissa:

Marissa Faireborn
Species: Human Kiss-Player
Function: Resistance
Partner: Convoy

Ability: An American Kiss-Player who is a partner of Convoy. Kiss-Players are people with special powers who can fuse with Transformers by kissing them and give them power. Her surfing and knife-wielding abilities are first-rate.

Weaknesses: She is surprisingly dopey. Although she has agility, her motor reflexes are not that good. She has problems with stamina. She is not good at her studies. She cannot read kanji. She does not like junk food very much. She likes meat. She likes Japanese beef. She likes to eat Japanese.

Profile: She has a gaijin sort of way of speaking. [i.e. heavily accented speech in Japanese, incorrect intonations] She was born in New York, America. She is not good at Japanese.

She has a bright personality that sweeps everybody around her into her pace and has a unique world-view that is all her own. Furthermore, she is a kind and strong female who has a maternal ability to accept and embrace all beings. In a world that views Transformers as the enemy, she believes that Cybertrons are humanity's allies, and she is a resistance member who battles against the E.D.C. [Earth Defense Army].

In the past, when her father, who was a military man, battled alongside the Cybertrons, young Marissa had her life saved by Convoy. Marissa hated her military father, who was dedicated to his work, but Convoy acted as a paternal figure and lectured her.

Marissa, having heard that Convoy had died in battle in America, traveled to Japan along with the resistance in order to retrieve Convoy's remains, which had been collected by the E.D.C. There, Convoy received Marissa's kiss, gained a new body and awakened.

The box packaging hints at the KissPlay story line.

The side of the box reads:
Because of the Energon field the E.D. C. put up, Convoy was unable to move on the surface of the Earth. By fusing with Melissa, who among all Earth's people had the most fusion compatibility with him, he is able to unleash several times his normal power.
Note: Later official documents refer to the Energon field as the Anti-Electron Field. The two different terms come from different Transformers animated series, and may represent a running change as to which continuity the KissPlay story belongs in.

The back of the box reads:
Thanks to Melissa's kiss, the two completed fusion, and Convoy stood upon the land as Earth's savior.

Marissa comes with extra parts that allow her to stand, sit, fold her hands in her lap or "drive" Convoy.
The parts are enclosed in a bag that also contains Convoy's collector card, which reads:
Function: Former Commander
Transformation: Dodge Ram SRT-10

As the Commander of the Cybertron Army, he led his comrades and battled, but died in battle during the 2005 Unicron War, and his soul became one with the Matrix. His corpse was collected by the E.D.C. [Earth Defense Army], but due to the young girl Kiss-Player Melissa's kiss, Convoy awakened once more. Due to her abilities, Convoy gained the new ability to wield knives. Can he become a bridge between humans and Transformers?

After Convoy completed a mysterious ParasiTech ["Parasite Tech"] fusion with an Earth-made artificial Transformer, his body was composed of the Convoy unit only. The location or existence of the other two units that traditionally composed him (Roller and Combat Deck) has not been confirmed. His weapons are the Convoy Gun and the Surfblade.

Marissa's figure (standing pose, with one arm from the "driving" pose and one arm from the "sitting" pose) along side the three figures that were released in the Transformers: Binaltech Asterisk line.
Note that Marissa is slightly larger all around than the Asterisk girls, as well as being a darker pink than the others.

Although Marissa is portrayed holding her surfboard on the box packaging, her figurine is unable to do so. The surfboard can be reconfigured into Convoy's Surfblade, and so it is not quite the right size for Marissa to hold or use.

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